Chum Kiu

This is the second form in the wing Chun system and it is called Chum Kiu, this builds on the knowledge learned in the first form Siu Lim Tau and teaches the practitioner how to use these skills under different conditions. The first section of Chum Kiu teaches how to use turning and techniques at the same time, for example the Bong Sau and Wu Sau with turning and body shifting. This is teaching the practitioner to use the hips to develop power, something which is not seen in the first form. It is also teaching the practitioner about body positioning when using techniques like the Bong Sau which becomes considerably more effective when combined with body shifting (turning). It also introduces to the student, two way energy this enables the practitioner to deliver more devastating blows with relative ease.

The second section introduces stepping which is unique to the Wing Chun system in that the balance is on the back leg and there is no weight on the front leg thus allowing the front leg to be used for blocking and kicking, this stepping, when combined with Bong Sau from various angles, enables the safe bridging of the gap between the practitioner and his/her opponent. This is why Chum Kiu translates as 'seeking the bridge'.

Chum Kiu also introduces the Wing Chun practitioner to three different kicks, a lifting kick to block other kicks are a front kick which can be aggressive or defensive but never flashy, and a turning kick which again can be used to stop the advance of an attacker or strike them. As stated earlier the Wing Chun kicks like hand techniques are non committal and do not compromise the balance of the practitioner in any significant way as the balance is on the back leg and due to their exceptional speed but lack of height.

Chum Kiu also teaches us to use both hands independently of each other, you do use both hands at the same time in certain parts of the Siu Lim Tau but they train the same technique on both side to save time.  

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