Wing Chun - Home Video Course - Year One

Learn Wing Chun Kung Fu in the comfort of your own home with no pressure.

After a great deal of work in re-compiling the course in this format I can now offer you my home study course as a package by post.

The first year of the Wing Chun System is the most important part of the whole system, in this first year you will build the foundation, physically and mentally to take you to the next level. Having someone to train this course with is purely optional. everything in this course can be done by you, on your own.

When you buy this package I will send you the following:-

        1 x Study Guide
        1 x DVD containing 24 lessons
        1 x Book . Siu Lim Tau for the Solo Student

The Study Guide

This is the first thing to look at, there are 40 pages of wing chun related information covering the wing chun ancestors also wing chun history, the names of techniques how to address fellow students and masters the rules of conduct laid down by Grandmaster Ip Man, your lineage as my student and of course. How to train wing chun using my material.

The DVD Lessons

On the DVD you will find 24 lessons, some longer then others some shorter, depending on how much explanation is needed, the DVD uses standard menus and chapters so you can quick find a particular lesson.

The Book . Siu Lim Tau for the Solo student

As the title suggests the book was geared towards people who had nobody to train wing chun with, they say write about things you know, and as I trained wing chun in seclusion I wrote a book about how I trained wing chun. I did it. so can you! There are 102 pages with pictures detailing everything you need to know in extensive detail, right down the fine points of where each wrist position should be in relation to the elbow and so much more.

Using the DVD in conjunction with the book and the study guide and your own self determination to succeed you too can learn wing chun the way I did!

The Course

I am a certified instructor and I have my own school and I teach wing chun 5 days a week.

If you trained with me at my open class every week for one year it would cost you £6 x 50 Weeks = £300

If you joined my online distance learning course which allows you to visit the open class anytime you want free of charge, ask me questions and get input at anytime and studied with me for one year it would cost £17 x 12 Months = £204

Wing Chun is not just for the rich, I want people to learn Wing Chun. that.s is why I have re-compiled this package so that I can go one better and slash over 40% off the price and offer you this first year course for only £120.00

The same rule applies as if you were part of the distance learning course,

You can contact me at any time and ask me questions

You can send me videos for input on how your training is coming along

If you are in my area you can come and train at the open classes absolutely free.

And I am still not finished.

In addition to this you can pre-arrange a weekly 15 minute Skype session where you can talk about what you have been training and get feedback from me, during this session I can also assess you skill level and keep you on the right path.

And in addition to this when you buy the course and you complete the course and demonstrate to me that you can perform the Siu Lim Tau and its applications either in person; by Skype session or via video I will send you a signed and chopped certificate the same as I give me students here.

Click here for Year Two

Please note the books will arrive direct from the supplier and the DVD will arrive separately.


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