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Ip Man - also known as Yip Man was thirteen years old he started learning Wing Chun from Chan Wah-shun (陳華順). Because of his sifu's old age, Yip Man had to learn much of his skills and techniques from his master's second eldest disciple Ng Chung-sok (吳仲素). Three years into Yip Man.s training Chan Wah-shun died. One of his dying wishes was to have Ng continue training Yip. At the age of 15 Yip man moved to Hong Kong with help from Leung Fut Ting, a relative. At age sixteen, Yip Man attended school at St. Stephen's College in Hong Kong. It was a secondary school for wealthy families and foreigners who lived in Hong Kong. According to Yip Man's two sons, while at St. Stephen's Yip Man intervened after seeing a foreign police officer beating a woman. read read more


Ip Chun - born in 1924 in Foshan in the Zheyieng Delta region of the Guangdong province of Southern China. He began studying Wing Chun with his father when he was 7 years old, however he admits that he did not really want to learn at that time and that he remembers relatively little from that early tutelage.

When the Chinese Communist gained victory in Chinese civil war in 1949, the communists began to persecute the wealthy, the influential and anyone connected to the Chinese Nationalist. Since Ip Man was both wealthy and a Captain of Local Police patrols of Foshan, he felt forced to leave mainland China, finally settling in Hong Kong after a short stay in Macao with friends.
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Ip Ching - (born in Fatsan, China in 1936) is the second eldest son of Yip Man. At a young age Ip Ching started his training along with his brother Ip Chun, under his sifu Yip Man (also his father). However this was short lived as his father had to leave and travel to Hong Kong in search of a better life for his family. In 1962 Ip Ching and his older brother Ip Chun were reunited with their father in Hong Kong. They both resumed their training under Ip Man.s direct guidance. Ip Man taught from his home and today this is where Ip Ching resides. As well as learning Wing Chun at his father.s home Ip Ching also was an avid observer of his father teaching other students. In turn gaining valuable insight on his father.s teaching methods. In 1972 Grand Master Ip Man died. read more


Samuel Kwok - born in Hong Kong in 1948, the son of a Church Minister. His interest in the martial arts started at an early age, his first experience was in White Crane Kung Fu, under the guidance of his uncle Luk Chi Fu. His Wing Chun training first started in 1967 under Chan Wai Ling in Hong Kong.

In 1972 Samuel Kwok came to the UK to study psychiatric nursing and pursue a new life. Living in London then, he went to the Church of Reverend Kao, how told him about one of the congregation, a Wing Chun teacher called Lee Sing, who started teaching Samuel Kwok in 1973.
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