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Are you in an area where you do not have access to a Wing Chun school but would love to learn real Ip Man Wing Chun.

Well YOU have come to the right place, I am not a salesman so you will not get a sales pitch. To view my wing chun background click here you will need adobe reader installed on you computer

I teach Wing Chun both in a school of my own and online here...

Check out the FREE sample lesson, this is the quality you can expect to see duirng the course.

What do I know about distance learning? I live in a county where there was no wing chun, I started way back in 2004 looking for a way to learn it, I thought about going to near by counties but that was not really an option because of my job.

I had learned other martial arts from visually repeating what I would see and I thought I could do it with DVD's so I went out and bought some. Seriously that does not work, you can't learn wing chun on your own, I know, I tried it.

IF YOU ARE SELF-MOTIVATED then there is a possibility that distance learning might work for you.

Out of frustration, in the end I bought the AWCA Siu Nim Tau eBook and started practicing twice weekly for one hour each time, I bought this in 2005 and it was not until 2006 that the AWCA Distance Learning course re-opened and I could join and that's what I did.

Because I had been practicing via the eBook I flew through two thirds of the Siu Nim Tau curriculum in only three months, but it took another seven months for me to complete the Siu Nim Tau part of the course after visiting Chicago

At weekends I used to grab my nephew into help me demonstrate what I had learned and I would send videos every week to Sifu Phil Bradley who would help me fix where I was going wrong.

The following year I trained and trained the Chum Kiu form and application, EVERY day I would work on it and by the time I visited Arizona and had been tested "in person", i jumped three grades putting me at student grade 6, then the following year after being tested in North Carolina i jumped up another grade to Student grade 7.

It was at this point I joined with Grandmaster Samuel Kwok and received personal training from him that my wing chun blossomed in to what it is today, but none of this would have been possible without distance learning.

So "I have" lived the distance learning experience so "I know" what you people need to learn it effectively, "you can" learn wing chun via distance learning if you are self-motivated and you are willing to go the extra yard and put the work in.

So that's enough about me.... this is my way of giving back to those who want to learn.

and FYI the grades don't come easy... you have to work for them!

Please note that while you can mimic the movements of chi sau (sticky hands) in the air it would be better to have a training partner to get better.

You will learn a lot of Wing Chun before we actually get to that stage where you learn chi sau and most of it can be learned by yourself. so don't be put off by that, by the time you get to this stage you will probably be talking and training with other people.

Here is the membership package you will receive when you sign up

  • You get a study guide to help you structure your training.
  • Every two weeks your account will automatically show you a new lesson.
  • The lessons will vary in length and should be considered a supplement to your training.
  • You can ask questions via email anytime you need help.
  • Armed with a visual performance of your skills I can grade your skill level.
  • Your grade will be recognised as if you were here locally training.
  • You can, and I would prefer you do, send me regular videos of the things you have been training.
  • If you happen to be visiting my area then as a member you can come and train for free at the general weekly lessons.
  • Also at a pre-arranged time you can book a 1 on 1 private lesson via webcam using skype (note you will need a webcam and voice facilities.
  • Every three months you will receive an additional video to assist you with passing your next grade, the video will demonstrate everything you need to know to pass the next test and to help you focus your training.

And all this for £30 / $30 per month.

Please note you can cancel your subscription at anytime.

Ready to sign up.... you will need a PayPal account, I don't accept payment any other way.

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1. After pressing the PayPal button you will be taken to PayPal to either sign up and pay or just pay if you are already a paypal member

2. On completion of your subscription you will be redirected to the  login page where you need to add yourself as a member.

3. Login in and enjoy the training


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